Crashplan (code 42) ADR_000003 error

(I combined the tickets to make it easier to track amongst your accounts). If you are receiving the ADR_000003 error, it is in reference to is that the address on file does not match the new updated billing address (unfortunately it does not update automatically with the new payment method). To update or add a new billing address, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan for Small Business Web Administration Console:
  2. Choose the Account tab on the left
  3. Click on the Manage My Subscription button
  4. From the My Subscriptions page, click the small blue Edit link in the Payment Method box
  5. Click Yes to proceed with the payment method modification
  6. Click Add New Address.
  7. Enter the new address information into the required fields.
    • Be sure to create a recognizable "Nickname" for this entry, so it is easily recognizable when selecting the address you would like to associate with your payment method
  8. Click Submit.
You will see the new entry appear on the right, along with all of the other saved addresses (if there are multiple). If there are multiple address entries saved to the account, and you would like to remove an undesired entry from the list:
  1. Locate the undesired address
  2. Click *Delete under the entry which you'd like to remove
  3. Click Ok on the message that appears to proceed with the address removal

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